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Ghevond Vardapet "Iphoneography"- Exhibition-Master Class

Within the framework of "Fresco" an exhibition-master class was organized, a photo exhibition entitled “Armenian Jerusalem” by the Abbot of the Holy Archangels Monastery in Jerusalem, Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan. He takes photos not with a camera, but with a phone. This was the topic of the master class on “Iphoneography”, a well-known clergyman in the real and virtual world.

Exhibition-Master Class: Dmitry Brickman "The Eyes of Armenia Through the Eyes of an Israeli"

A highlight of the festival program was the photo exhibition by Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman. The famous photographer brought to Armenia his photo exhibition entitled “The Eyes of Armenia Through the Eyes of an Israel”, where the presented works were created during the author's visit to Armenia in 2015. “And what could I do, if not, to create the photo story“Eyes of Armenia” if I sank in those eyes”confesses the photographer.

The "Echo" of Fresco Festival in Moscow

The “Echo” program of the Fresco International Festival took place in the Armenian church complex of Moscow. Thus, by choosing Moscow as a cultural crossroad and the most populous city in the Diaspora, the Festival was held for 4 days. The program aimed to acquaint Diaspora Armenian youth with the history, culture, public life, spiritual and family traditions of Armenia, to contribute to the establishment of strong ties with the homeland, and the strengthening of national identity.

Fresco Festival’s “Echo” in Haghartsin

The “Echo” program of Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and S Films took place in the territory of Haghartsin Monastery. Within the framework of the project,the abbot of the monastery of the Holy Archangel Church of Jerusalem, candidate of theological sciences Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan’s photos of “Armenian Jerusalem” and famous Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman’s “The Eyes of Armenia through the Eyes of an Israeli” were presented at the monastery complex. It was noteworthy to organize the “Echo” exhibition in the Haghartsin monastery complex, because in such spiritual centers, in places away from the city noise, people can really get in touch with real spiritual values, perceive the works that preach humanity.

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