"Memorial of Truth"

"Memorial of truth", a special project of “Fresco” International Festival dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

The main ideology of the festival is to spread love, tolerance, peace and based on these humankind values, in the frames of the festival a special program is presented called “Memorial of Truth" in memory of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Every year in Fresco program also a special visit to Tsitsernakaberd memorial is included, where festival guests and participants honor the memory of victims of Armenian Genocide; after which a meeting is scheduled with The director of Tsitsernakaberd Museum-institute Hayk Demoyan; after the official speeches Oscar Apfel’s film ‘‘Auction of Souls’’ (the second name Aurora), the first film shot about the Armenian Genocide, is displayed.

Fresco Special Program 2015

On June 28 festival guests and participants visited the Genocide Museum and got acquainted with the temporary and permanent exhibitions presenting the proofs and facts of the Armenian Genocide, then they were present at the screening of the film “Aurora”. Festival guests also visited the Memorial Complex of Tsitsernakabert and the eternal fire, where they honored the memory of the innocent martyrs with a minute of silence.

Sand-art animation artist Darya Kotyukh, under the influence of memories from Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, added an extract to her program about the great Armenian composer, musicologist and priest Komitas, who had witnessed the horrors of 1915 Armenian Genocide.

For the film competition program Fresco has received lots of film submissions, which presented on of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century-genocide and slaughter. The films from France “Welcome to Angkar” and an Iraqi film “Ant’s apartment” where included in the competitive program of Fresco film festival.

The entire program of Fresco festival 2015 was presented in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Fresco Special Program 2014

A special project of “Fresco” International first Film Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual-Moral Films – “Memorial of truth” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, started at the Armenian Genocide Museum-institute on June 23, at 11: 00 pm.

The director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-institute Hayk Demoyan also participated in the event. At 11:30 pm after the official speeches Hollywood film ‘‘Auction of Souls’’ was displayed. The premiere of director Oscar Apfel’s film was held on February 16, 1919, in Plaza Hotel, New York. The film was shot according to Arshaluys Martiganian’s documentary memoirs, a witness of the Armenian Genocide from Chmshkatsag. The leading actress is herself Arshaluys Martiganian. Only a 24-minute segment of the film has been saved.

After the screening a meeting-discussion was followed with one of the special guests of the festival, Father John (Giovanni Guaita). The Russian Orthodox Church priest is an Italian historian, theologian and writer who is the author of three works about the Armenians, including the book ‘‘Cry from Ararat. Armin Wegner and the Armenian Genocide’’, published in Moscow, in 2005. During the meeting Giovanni Guaita not only spoke about his already published works, devoted to the Armenians, but also told about his new book.

After the meeting Italian 52-minute film ‘’Auschwitz is my teacher’’ was displayed. It should be noted that 7 films about the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust from Israel, Armenia and Italy were displayed in the frame of the special project. Only two of the above mentioned films were involved in the competitive program.

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