Guests - 2015

Brickman Dmitry (Israel)

Brickman Dmitri was born in the Soviet Union, in the city of Leningrad, on the Karl Marx avenue. Due to well-known historical events, all of these three names by turn but quite quickly vanished from the geographical maps. That’s why the answer to this simple question about his birthplace, turns, as a rule, into a small history lesson. He lives in Israel since 1991. He got into photography at a quite mature age when he saw the great Jerusalem and realized that he has to reformulate and perceive what he has seen. The photo camera became that very tool of perception. Afterwards the process went like a rolling snowball and the things that couldn’t be combined at the first sight were combined as if lowering to the bar of that strange reformulation – to see the seen. In this way a photo album called “Jerusalem not just a city” and his other works were issued.

 Darya Kotyukh (Russia)

Education: The Saint Petersburg art college after N.K. Roerich, the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry academy after A.L. Stieglitz.

Darya Kotyukh – painter of the sand animation, founder and pedagogue of the sand animation studio called “Veter” (Wind). In 2014 Darya became the jury member of the sand animation festival “Sand Motion” (city of Viborg). Gran Prix in the nomination “Live performance” at the first international festival “Touch”. First place in the nomination “Sand graphics” at the first international festival “Touch” in 2013. Grand Prix in the nomination “Concert variety numbers” at the 17th festival of the amateur art of teenagers and youngsters’ clubsin Saint Petersburg. First place in the nomination “Exclusive” at the festival “Revelation” in Saint Petersburg in 2012. Jury member of the children’s sand festival “Touch” 2015.


Alexey Naumov (Russia)

He was born in Khvalynsk Saratov region in 1985. Graduated from the Faculty of History of the Saratov State University. He has also defended his PhD degree in History. Since 2009 lives and works in Moscow. During the festival he presents the film “Medem”. This film is dedicated to the «Via Dolorosa» of an ordinary Russian man in Saratov county – count Alexander Medem. Baptized during the First World War this descendent of an ancient Baltic family was executed for his faith during the communist terror in the Soviet Union. Count Alexander Medem is one of the New Martyrs, Confessors and Heroes of Faith of Russia in the XX century.

 Nonna Sisakyan and Valeriya Tsygankova (Belarus)

Nonna Sisakyan has worked in the movie industry since 2002. Creator of popular TV projects and documentary movies, she has been a producer at Wargaming since 2014. Nonna Sisakyan works with Special Projects Manager Valeriya Tsygankova, researching and gathering documentary material about World War II (the Great Patriotic War).

May 1945 is a memorial documentary series produced by Wargaming, dedicated to the final push to victory: Berlin fell on the 2nd of May, but battles continued in the cities of Eastern Europe. The seven episodes of the project mark the seven days between the fall of Berlin and the liberation of Prague.


Marco Leopardi (Italy)

An Italian cinematographer, writer and director. He studied photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome, and during the 90’s worked on documentaries, specifically dealing with directing and photography. At first he mainly dedicated himself to natural themes, then he got interest in addressing the corresponding social problems. In recent years his documentaries have been broadcasted by RAI, RTSI, NDR, Arte, YLE, National Geographic Channel, both participating and winning numerous national and international festivals. During the festival he will present the film “Mohamed and the fisherman”, a simple and yet powerful story about an incredible rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. The last survivor on a sinking boat departed from Africa, after a week without food nor water. The story of a reunion that brings hope and humanity.


Anna Bagmet and Olga Krasnoyarova (Russia)

Anna Bagmet was born on October 30, 1979 in Leningrad. In 2003 she has gradueted from Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art, faculty of drama. From 200 to 2005 has been the leading actress of pop-dramatic theater group «Буфф» in the head of I. Shtokbant. She has also worked with Saint Petersburg theater named after Akimov and with international theater company «Stage Entertainment» (London, UK). From 2006 works as an actress at Moscow Academic theater after V. Mayakovsky. Anna is also the head of «BGMT Entertainment Ltd» company.

Olga Krasnoyarova is a representative of a film company “VEGA” and together with Anna Bagmet she has presented the film “Intercom”.

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