Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan (Jerusalem)
Abbot of the Church of the Holy Archangels

He was born on 24 April, 1972 in Yerevan.
From 1979-1989 Father Ghevond studied at secondary school N76 after Kamo.
From 1989-1992 he studied in the Radio-communications College of Yerevan.
From 1991-1997 he worked in his specialty in an Interurban Telephone Exchange.
From 1997-2000 studied in the Theological Seminary of Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
On 6 August, 2000 he was ordained to the celibate priest by the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Torgom Manoukian.
From 2001-2002 he was appointed as an assistant to abbot of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
From 2002-2003 he was as an interpreter in the Armenian Patriarchate.
From 2003-2004 he studied at the Moscow Theological Academy in absentia as professorial fellow.
In 2004 Father Ghevond defended his doctoral thesis on "The moral teaching of Grigor Tatevatsi, saint of Armenian Apostolic Church” and received the PhD degree of Theological sciences.
From 2006-today he’s an abbot of the monastery of the Holy Archangels Church of Jerusalem.
In 2010 he received the title of Vardapet (Archimandrite).
He is an author of six books.

Dmitry Brickman (Israel)

Brickman Dmitri was born in the Soviet Union, in the city of Leningrad, on the Karl Marx avenue. Due to well-known historical events, all of these three names by turn but quite quickly vanished from the geographical maps. That’s why the answer to this simple question about his birthplace, turns, as a rule, into a small history lesson.
He lives in Israel since 1991. He got into photography at a quite mature age when he saw the great Jerusalem and realized that he has to reformulate and perceive what he has seen. The photo camera became that very tool of perception. Afterwards the process went like a rolling snowball and the things that couldn’t be combined at the first sight were combined as if lowering to the bar of that strange reformulation – to see the seen.
In this way a photo albums called “Jerusalem isnot just a city”, "The eyes of Armenia" and his other works were issued.

Viktoria Kozeltseva (Russia)

Director and author of shorts, animation and feature films and videos, stage director of theatrical performances and show programs.
She graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1995.
Graduate of the workshop program of Grymov “Stage direction of feature films” in 2012.



Natalia Belyaeva (Ukraine, Russia)

Natalia Belyaeva was born in Moscow, Russia in 1984.
In 2009 finished Saint-Petersburg University of Film and TV with the specialty feature film director.
In 2013 finished Saint-Petersburg High School of Cinematography.
An author of more than 10 feature short films as script writer, director, editor, and cinematographer of documentary's films.
Her short films have participated in many international film festivals.


Mohammad Farahani (Iran)

Mohammad Farahani was born in 1985, Tehran, Iran.
Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Science and Technology.
Graduate student at Tehran University in MBA.
Active in more than 30 feature and short films as assistant director.
Director of documentary films and short fiction films.


Anastasia Gerasyuk (Russia)

Passion for creativity made Anastasia combine obtaining a higher major in mathematics & economics first with a clownery school, then with a student theatre and, upon graduation, led her to Higher courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow, Russia.
This was the place where Anastasia met Evgeniy Lalaev and started working together on their debut short ‘’Tram to the amusement park‘’. Evgeniy graduated from Higher Courses as a director, Anastasia – as a screenwriter.
They completed the film in 2016: Evgeniy – as a director of shooting period and Anastasia – as a writer, producer and director of post-production.
For Anastasia – the greatest thing films can do – is to inspire for life.

Dick O'Hary (Cyprus)

Dick is originally a Native American of the crow nation.
He is an actor and director, but living in Europe.
He is director and artist.



Guzh Tadevosyan (Armenia)

Born in 1989 in Yerevan, Armenia.
In 2006-2011 he taught at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Film, Department of Cinematography, director of feature films.
2011-2013 is getting master degree in the same Institute.
Participant and winner of many international film festivals.




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