Yuri Mechitov, photographer, Georgia; “The phenomenon of Paradjanov and Tbilisi” Paradjanov’s photographer and close friend shared his memories about Paradjanov.

Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan (Armenian Jerusalem) “Holly Fire, that won’t be appeared on TV” The Archimandrite presented his film and told about realities that are happening in Jerusalem and aren’t showen on TV.

Dmitry Litsov, psychotherapist, Latvia “How to Live by Living” How to live a full life, not an illusion, the audience thought about the answers to these and other important questions with a Latvian guest.

Ondřej Kamenický, Czech Republic ; “One World” International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Director Ondřej Kamenický  presented the importance of inclusive cultural programs, shared the experience of their big festival with the audience, as well as distributed special manuals for organizing large and small festivals.

Other international films were screened and discussions were organized with directors:

John Escuder /Spain/,

Mirabbas Khosravinezhad /Iran/

Egor Odintsov /Russia/

Olha Vozna /Italy/.

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