Yesayi priest Artenyan
Priest at Holy Trinity church in Yerevan

1992-1997 studied at Vasgenian Theolgical Seminary in Sevan, then continued the studies at Gevorgyan Theological Seminary in Etchmiadzin from 1997 to1998. On May 16, he was ordained a deacon. 1998-1999 he served as a friar at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and Araratian Patriarchal Diocese. In 1999 he was ordained as a married priest. 1999-2000 he served at St. Holy Mother of God church in Malatia (Yerevan), 2000 -2002 served as a spiritual servant in MOD 28920 barrack . 2002-2005 he served at St. Hovhannes (John the Baptist) church. Since 2005 Yesayi Artenyan is a priest at Holy Trinity church in Yerevan.



Antoine Agoudjyan

Antoine Agoudjyan was born in 1961 in the vicinity of Paris in Saint- Moree town .In 1986 in the United States working in the photolaboratory, he discovered for himself the photography .In 1988, after the earthquake shaken Armenia , up to 1989 , he devoted himself to the humanitarian assistance in Armenia. He made great efforts for a summer center establishment on the shore of Lake Sevan for disabled children and orphans. From 1993 to 1998 he shoot a series of reports about the current social situation in Mountainous Karabakh and in Armenia and did an important photography work about Istanbul .Agujyans’ photos present many places where the Armenians found refuge and resumed their lives. The master of the large black-and- white photos, Antoine Agoudjyan takes totally apart the search of a rigorous memory and connecting the creatures of past and present with bridges.

Aram Sukiasyan
Director, screenwriter

During the years 1993-98 he was studying at Yerevan State Theatrical Institute at the faculty of musical theatre. During 1998-2000 he worked as an actor and director in the Stepnakeret State Drama Theatre after V. Papazyan and during 2000-2002 as an actor and assistant director at "K. Abrahamyan and Theatre" foundation. During 2001-02 he was the project manager of cultural events at the church committee established for the celebration of 1700th anniversary of the proclamation of Christianity as the official religion in Armenia. He is the author and producer of a rock-opera film "Wandering". In 2001 and 2004 he won an award "Haykakan", in 2004 he received RA Prime Minister’s Certificate of Appreciation, in 2006 he received a medal, in 2010 he won an award at international television festival “Golden Prague”, in 2012 he received an award after general Madatov from the International Charity Fund of World Humanity and an award for the Best Screenplay at "Arpa" international film festival in Hollywood. In 2012 he was awarded with the title "Honorary Artist of the Republic of Armenia".

Armen Khachatryan

Born in 1961 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. Graduated from the Institute of Cinematography/ВГИК/ in Moscow in 1984.

He has been working at "Hayk" and "Armenfilm" film studios since 1984. He took part in creating more than 40 films. A. Khachatryan is a participant and laureate of numerous international festivals. Being one of the founders of the cinema chair of Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema (YSITC ), he is currently is lecturing and managing creative workshops there. 





Goran Radovanovic
Writer, director & producer

Graduated art history from Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. Between 1977 and 1980 he sojourned in Munich on a scholarship awarded by the Goethe Institute. After his return to Belgrade, he has worked as writer and director of both feature and documentary films. He is a member of the European Film Academy, Berlin and Film Artists Association of Serbia. Currently works as guest professor at EICTV (International Film and Television School), San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba.

Retrospective of documentary films of Goran Radovanovic took place in Barcelona 2006, 2007, Havana 2010, Vienna 2011. Goran Radovanovic's films have been shown in the official programmes of ex-Yugoslav and numerous international film festivals.

Katia Malatesta
Organizer of the film festival "Religion Today"

Graduated from the faculty of Cultural Heritage Protection. Earned a scientific degree in Visual art history in Pisa university. She has been writing articles and historical-artistic texts for exhibitions, publishing houses and multimedia.
Currently, Katia is working in the centre of historical-cultural heritage of Trento managing the department of cultural heritage protection and appreciation.

Artistic director of the film festival "Religion today" since December 2008 (International film festival devoted to the dialogue between religion and film). Member of the council of the forum on human rights and peace in Trentino and the Italian branch of "Religion for peace".

Fr. John Guaita
Clergyman of Russian Orthodox church, Italian historian

Was born on 26th November 1962 in Sardinia, Italy. He graduated from the Rome and Geneva universities, worked on probation in Russia -Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
He came to Russia, yet USSR, for the first time in 1985 and got deeply involved in its culture and orthodox spirituality. He has written numerous translations of Russian spiritual literature. He is the originator of the extensive “Dictionary of orthodox hagiology”.
He has been practically living in Russia since 1985. He taught at the Linguistic University and at Russian State humanitarian university.
As a historian he was particularly interested in Armenia. He has written three books about the history of Armenian Church and Armenian people: "Human life – the meet of Heaven and earth; "Conversations with Catholicos Karekin the II", "1700 years of faithfulness" and "Cry from Ararat.

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