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Name: "Fresco" Annual International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films

The Mission
The goal of Fresco Festival is the demonstration of films, photos and piece of art that deliver morality and organization of healthy and free public discussions about the questions raised in them.

Place and date
The opening of festival will take place in August, 2021 in Armenia.

The main goals of the festival
- Promote the reestablishment of love, solidarity and human values in public with the help of moral and cultural dialogue
- Spread international and inter-religious tolerance
- Make and develop spiritual-moral films and increase the public demand towards them as an important social-cultural factor
- Activate the contact between cultural representatives and create successful cooperation field, interchange professional experience
- Contribute to the development of tourism in Armenia

The founders of the festival  
"Formica Art" company and "Rainbow" NGO 

The organizers of the festival
To effectively organize and carry out the mission, a directorate was established, which staff consists of the director, producer, spiritual mentor and the Board of trustees.
For the initial choice of films, photos and folk groups a selection committee is approved.

The program
The festival program includes sections of films, photo exhibitions and International Folklore Concert. Within the festival concerts, regional camps, master classes, meetings, round tables and other events will be organized.

Organizers can change the date,place or some events of the festival (All participants must agree to this rule).


The festival involves those types of films of the world (fiction, animation, full-length, short, debut and so on) which reject wars, ecological disasters, violence, discrimination and preach peace, tolerance, humanism, kindness, patriotism; cover the actual family problems, and are aimed at restoring family values, giving spiritual and moral education to the youth, and are about healthy lifestyle and positive world outlook.

The section of films includes any kinds of films which were shot after January 2019.
Films available on the internet are not eligible

The presented films must not contain
-Scenes and plots that offend religious feelings (of different religions)
-Scenes of cruelty and violence
-Scenes containing advertisement
-Plots promoting the use of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol
-Erotic scenes

The Awards
The awards will be given in the following categories:
Best message of "Faith"
Best message of "Hope"
Best message of "Love" 
Best message of "Peace"
Best message of "Courage" 
Best message of "Humanism" 
Best message of "Patriotism" 
Best message of "The Hero of Our Time" 

The jury evaluates the films selected in the competition program. 
All the participants will be given diplomas.
The Pre-selection of the films is performed by the Pre-selection Committee. The selection committee is formed by festival organizers.
All the selected films will be considered as winners. Winners have to pay themselves for prize delivery by post.

For participating in this film festival project one must fill in the application form in the section Applications --> Film Entry Form

The films for pre-selection are accepted till April 30, 2021.
The results of the pre-selection of films will be available on May 30, 2021.
Display version of the selected films must be presented till June 20, 2021.
The organizers of the festival guarantee that the films will not be transferred to anyone in pursuit of profit.
The directorate of the festival reserves the right to use scenes and photos from the films for advertising purposes.
"Fresco" festival is a non-profit project and all the exhibitions will be free to attend.

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