On July 5 at the church yard of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Closing and Award Ceremony of  Second “FRESCO” Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual-Moral Films took place.

These year the awards were given in the following categories: Best message of "Faith",  "Hope",  "Love", "Peace". One more special prize was given in the nomination of Audience Sympathy.

The prizewinner films of “Fresco” Festival are the following:


Best message of “Faith”

  • “Girl on the moon”,  Armenia, Aren Malakyan
  • “The heart of a murderer”, Italy, Catherine McGilvray
  • “Spirit in Motion”, Russia, Sofia Geveyler, Julia Bivsheva, Sofia Kucher

Best message of “Hope”

  • “The silent killer”, Spain, Raul Mancilla
  • “After shock”, Iran, Mahmoud Yazdani Bahramabadi
  • “May 1945”, Belarus, Nona Sisakyan

Best message of “Love”

  • “I have just had a dream”, Spain, Javi Navarro
  • “Big boy”, Russia, Yuri  Solodov
  • Coctebel's pebbles, Russia, Andrey Osipov

Best message of “Peace”

  • “Senses”, Spain, Jose Vega
  • “Rangan 99”, Iran, Tiyam Yabandeh Jahroumi
  • “Ants apartment”, Iraq, Tofigh Amani

Audience Sympathy

  • “Ecclesiastes”, Israel, Photo-interpretation by Dmitry Brickman

The prizes and diplomas of the winners were given by the Italian director Marco Leopardi, Spiritual Mentor of the festival Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan, the director of “Specialized Children’s Home of Kharberd” SNCO Harutyun Balasanyan and the director of “Unison” NGO Armen Alaverdyan.

Note that the clay made prizes in the form of fish have prepared with their own hands children of “Specialized Children’s Home of Kharberd”.

At the Closing Ceremony near Mother see of Holy Etchmiadzin performed Sand-animation artist Daria Kotyukh, the choir “Ovsanna” and "Nubar" folk song and dance ensemble in the head of Shahe Keshishyan.


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