On July 5, at Holy Trinity Church Hall in the circle of "Fresco" Movie Club, was shown Leo Tolstoy's "How live people" story based film-parable. The most important idea of selected movie was to express love for each other and show true love not in word, but in deed only. The film's plot takes place around the angel Michael. For his mistake God sent him to the world to reveal and understand for himself three important issues: what is inside of man, what is not given them to understand and how they live. And after learning all this he could return to the skies.

"I am left alone, human needs were previously unknown to me, I didn’t know what is hunger and cold. It is already evening, I am hungry and cold, here somebody is coming. While he is alive, but with his indifference he seems to be dead. He just thought what coat to buy for his wife, how to feed his family. Will he help, but sadly he is indifferent. So good, he’s back and wants to help. At that moment I saw a man, if there was a death in his eyes, now he became alive, I recognize God in him": so was thinking helpless angel Michael appeared on the world, when he saw much burdened and anxious Simeon.

Michael was hosted in Simon’s house.”The person that has every material needs, and seeing that his brother is in nee doesn’t’ blow over compassion how can he say that has God’s love in him(Johan 3:17)”.
He remembered first question of God and understood there is a love in people."If we love each other it means Love to God is perfect in us, and God remain connected to us (Johan 4:12)".It was already a year that Michael lived in Simeon’s house, who has achieved great success in shoemaking with the help of Michael. He found the answer of the second question, when a wealthy man ordered boots, in a condition that within a year they do not wear out. It was the same evening when he died, and Michael revealed the second, that people aren’t given to know what their body needs.

In a sixth year a woman with twin girls came to Simeon’s house. Girls where orphans from the birth.
The woman has lost her own child, and wouldn’t able to have children any more, but she loved the girls as her own.At that moment Michael saw alive God in that woman and revealed with what people live."God is love, and who lives ins love, lives in God. And God lives in him (Johan 4:16)".In the earth Michael needed help, he would die from cold and hunger, and wouldn’t disclose anything if he didn’t meet human’s love. In his eyes people were alive only if they had a love in. Who had love, that had God. Indifference and lack of love spreads death and sorrow, while "who loves, he is born from god and knows God (Johan 4:7)".

Source of loving the neighbor is a love to God, but loving God is seen in loving others. From here it is obvious that who doesn’t love his neighbor, doesn’t love God. As teaches the apostle:"The man who says he loves God, but hates his brother, whom he sees, how can he love God, whom he doesn’t see (Johan 4:20)".

Karine Sugikyan

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