On July 7, in one of the cafes of Yerevan, the organizers of "Fresco" Contemporary Art and Spiritual Film Festival summed up the results of the second year of the festival, presented successes and achievements of the festival, talked about the shortcomings.

Since 2014, when the festival was launched, the organizers have been stressing the informal format of the festival, emphasizing that the film screenings are free and are being organized outdoors, near Swan Lake, in the yards of the churches and in halls. After watching the films, discussions with the creators of the films, clergies and psychologists are being held.

This year the film festival was held near Harichavank and on July 5 in the yard of Holy Echmiadzin "Fresco" Contemporary Art and Spiritual Film Festival closing and awards ceremony took place. The festival aims to contribute to society through religious and cultural dialogue, love, solidarity and the re-establishment of humanitarian and spiritual values.

The festival's spiritual adviser, Bishop Ter Bagrat Galstanyann in his speech mentioned that festival is a real example of a cultural dialogue, in this regard stressing the importance of the participation of representatives from Muslim countries. He mentioned that "Fresco" fills the gap our society really needs. The organizers also noted that this year the festival was held in the context of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and its message – belief, hope, love, peace, is not chosen by chance.  

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