The program of Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual films will launch with the opening of Iphonography ''Armenian Jerusalem''.

The author of photos is Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan, the Abbot of the Church of the Holy Archangels in Jerusalem. Instead of camera he takes photos on the phone. His Iphonography is very popular in the world.

“To present with photo exhibition is novelty for me, I am confused”. During today's meeting with journalists mentioned Ghevond Vardapet. He added “In a good sense “Fresco” festival is weird for me. When they invited me to participate, I didn't imagine what should do the Clergyman in Youth festival. The festival has become very familiar for me in Haghartsin Monastery. I can say that Fresco is a festival of kindness and unselfishness”.

By the way, Ghevond Vardapet will also do a master class on Iphonography.

During the Festival a surprise is expected for lovers of photography. The Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman has brought his photo exhibition to Armenia. In the exhibition ''The eyes of Armenia, through the eyes of an Israeli'', are included the photos made by the author during his last year’s visit to Armenia. The exhibition will open on August 24 in the “Artist Union of Armenia”. The opening day of exhibition participants of festival will have the opportunity to participate in the famous photographer's master class “Photography, to see the seen”.

“I have been in different places of Armenia and have taken many pictures, as a result the series of photos of “The Eyes of Armenia, Through The Eyes of Israeli'' were born. Armenian beautiful eyes are painted in my pictures” mentioned Dmitry Brickman.

During the meeting with journalists Festival organizers spoke about the long path of Festival and this year's regional and Yerevan program.

“The Festival has started on August 19, but it is alive the whole year. We can say that the project is done. From the quality of films we understood that people has become more courageous. They have overcome the very narrow, dark perception of Spiritual values. This year there were many Spanish films. The aim of the Festival is to spread universal values through the modern art'' mentioned Anna Karapetyan, one of the organizers of Festival.

It should be mentioned that during the Festival on August 23 and 24 at 22.00 film screenings will be organized at “Artists Union of Armenia”. In ''Silk Road'' hotel on August 25 at 18.00 will be shown the film “Tao Te Ching”, and after that they will discuss the film with famous photographer Dmitry Brickman. On August 26 at 14.30 in the Art Union of Narekatsi will be shown 15 ''Fresco'' films. The participants will have the opportunity to meet with Guj Tadevosyan, the director of the film ''And the circus arrived…'

On August 26 and 27 from 20.45 to 23.00 will be held open air film screening-discussions in Yerevan Swan lake.  Before watching movies, they will have the opportunity to listen to live music. On August 26 will be folk concert of “Mrro and friends”, on August 27 on the open air stage of Swan Lake will be given to “Alexandrapol Orchestra” band, and on August 28 will be held the official closing event of the festival.

Article -Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos - Lucy Sargsyan

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