A press-conference was held in the frames of “Fresco” International Festival to summarize the event. The representatives of the program announced award-winning films and gave the prizes.


The Festival preaches human high values through contemporary art. “Fresco’’ gives different social groups the opportunity to be listened and denote that we all are equal. “People with disabilities have a chance to be integrated and do more than we can expect’’- said the manager of the festival Anna Karapetyan to ArmenPress.

This is the third year that the fish-shaped souvenirs of the festival are made by the orphans of Kharberd.

One of the participants Ghevond Vardapet Hovnanian said that for him “Fresco” succeeded. It not only organizes film-screenings, but also represents Armenian culture and Christianity to guests. In spite of the ongoing wars in the world people keep on making films and sending a message to the society.

According to the operator of “Khio” David Ayvazyan the films of the festival have deep meanings. “They touch the soul. One of the positive sites of the festival was the idea of open-air screenings. Passengers just walking by had the opportunity to take part in that beautiful event. The films make us revalue the life, take a look back to the path we passed. They make the world better”. - said he.

The directors of short, full-length documental and fictional films were given prizes. Here is the list of prizewinners.

The best message Love “And the circus arrived” Guzh Tadevosyan, Armenia,

The best message Love “Khio” Lilit Movsisyan, Armenia

The best message Love  “Vanil” Juan Beiro, Spain

The best message Courage “The theft” Mohammad Farahani,Iran

The best message Faith “The chosen ones” Natalia Belyaeva, Ukraine, Russia

The best message Humanism “Cuerdas” Pedro Solis Garcia, Spain

The best message Peace “Lesson Unlearned 14/41” Nina Vedmitskaya, Russia

The best message Regret “The last Point” Viktorya  Kozeltsova , Russia

The best message Courage “Tramway to the theme park” Yevgeniy Lalaev, Anastasia Gerasyuk, Russia

The best message Hope “Till the end” William Egienta, France

Special prize for spreading Peace and Love Ghevond abuna Hovhannisyan

Special prize for spreading Humanism Dmitriy Brickman


“Fresco” International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films this year took place on August 19-29. The festival included 76 films from 22 countries.


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