Starlight night, forested mountains, golden Moon… Different films from around the world were shown on the wall of Haghartsin Monastery, films which represent spiritual values: humanism, faith, hope, love, peace and patriotism. No need to tell or discuss anything...


In this mysterious environment, on August 11 and 12, Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films organized open-air film screenings on the wall of Haghartsin Monastery. 

For the second time in two years, Fresco is hosting “Week of Haghartsin” spiritual – cultural festival held by Tavush Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The previous years' winners were screened before the start of Fresco Festival 2017.

This international event is aimed to foster the reinforcement of love, solidarity and humanitarian values, through spiritual and cultural dialogues.

Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the Primate of Tavush Diocese, wished good luck to Fresco and highlighted the importance of modern art in the propagation of spiritual and moral values.

The organizers of the festival expressed their gratitude to Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan for the opportunity and support, and stated they are now convinced that the festival should be held in all the places in our country where there are churches and monasteries, ancient frescoes, khachkars, testimonies of the Armenian faith.

FRESCO International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films will start on August 25 at Swan Lake and will continue until September 3. The program includes film screenings, discussions, concerts, photo exhibitions, master classes and tent camping. Entrance to all events of the festival is free.

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