The solemn opening of the FRESCO International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual and Moral Films will be held on June 21st. The festival is organized by Formica Art Production and Tsiatsan NGO, with the blessing of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese.

The goal of the festival is to instill love, solidarity and spiritual harmony and reaffirm universal values through films, as well as dialogue of religions and cultures.

According to the festival’s director Anna Karapetyan, the festival has already become viable and has brought together young volunteers, special social groups and persons with limited capabilities.

These days the festival is getting ready for the festival by preparing pillows and candles and translating the films.

Thanks to experiments and improvisations, the members of the Youth Union of the Holy Trinity Church in Yerevan and volunteers have been able to create candles. What will these candles be used for? In response, Anna Karapetyan said:

"The candles will be used during the opening ceremony. We plan to make 2,500 candles, and our volunteers have already created more than 1,000. The prayer will also be written on the ribbon on the candle. We want each person attending the opening ceremony to take the light with them."

June 21st is also the birthday of Gregory the Illuminator. In the morning, the guests of the festival, the volunteers and those interested will pay a visit to Khor Virap where the candles will be blessed. All the candles will be lit in the evening and will be transmitted to the gathered.

Vahe Hayrapetyan has composed a song for the festival, and Yervand Yerznkyan has made the musical arrangement. Like many, Yerznkyan also wanted to make his contribution to the festival. The community of the hearing impaired of the Holy Trinity Church will also perform the song through gestures.

The children of the orphanage in Kharberd are also preparing for the festival with their hand-made works that will be presented as the awards at the festival.

"We’re pleased with the fact that the festival has brought people together and made them establish close ties. These days we’ll also reveal and understand how good and willing the youth are," said Anna Karapetyan in closing.

The festival is just days away, and as they say, there is a need to repair that which has been damaged…There is a need now, and there will be a need tomorrow…

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