The preliminary results of the FRESCO Annual Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual and Moral Films have already been announced. The organizers suggest watching 58 films produced by directors from 17 countries around the world.

This year, FRESCO also offers a special program dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The organizers say there was no purpose of gathering films devoted to the Armenian Genocide and everything happened automatically. "The Armenian Genocide is a social, political and spiritual topic, especially now as we approach the Centennial. I think this special program will serve as a wonderful opportunity to raise the issue of the Genocide, talk and think about it and look at the issue through the eyes of foreigners," says the festival’s spiritual consultant, Father, Priest Yesayi Artenyan.

The program will include the screenings of 6 films devoted to the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust by directors from Israel, Armenia and Italy. Only one of the films is presented for an award.

The Hollywood film Aurora is also included in the special program and is the first film about the Armenian Genocide. Director Oscar Apfel’s film was first shown at Plaza Hotel in New York on February 16, 1919. The film is based on the Ravished Armenia documentary by Armenian Genocide eyewitness Arshaluys Martikanian. The leading actress is Arshaluys Martikanian. A nearly 18-minute film has been preserved and has been granted to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute with the consent of the holders of the copyright.

During the festival, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute will become one of the general partners for the special program. It will hold screenings of two films and a meeting with one of the festival’s special guests, Father Hovhannes (Giovanni Guaita). The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church is an Italian historian, theologian and writer who has released three books devoted to the Armenians, including the book “Cry from Ararat” released in Moscow in 2005. He is author of the book Armin Wagner and the Armenian Genocide. During the meeting, Giovanni Guaita will not only talk about the books that he has already written about the Armenians, but will talk about his new book that he’s currently working on.

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