On July 18 the members of the Youth Associationof St. Trinity church, with the members of the deaf community headed by father Isaiah Artenyan, went to Odzun within the frames of "Fresco" International Film Festival'. The aim was to organizea film camp and to show the local population films on spiritual themes.

After installing the equipment and after the end of the organizational activities people began to watch the films. It was the first festival of this kind that took place in the village.In generalthe idea of organizing a film camp was the first one. The members of the group were met by Odzun St. Mary Church priest Vrtanes Baghalyan.

It was very interesting for the people to watch the introduced films "The Image of Christ Alive", "Forepost", "The Letter of Father God to You".

St Trinity church priest Isaiah Artenyan says about the aim of the film camp: ''First of all the film camp acts within the frames of FRESCO International Film Festival and is the format of the festival. We should try to understand how much of this program we are able to accomplish, as it is the first in Armenia.The second one is thatit was our first experience, so we wanted to understand what opportunities we had, what we could do, what shortcomings could exist, in order to improve our mistakes during the festival.

To our question, if the film camp will have a continuation, pastor Isaiah answered that before starting the festival, we should arrange one day camps with new solutions.
Priest Vrtanes Baghalyan also shared his impressions with usfrom his name and from the name of the community: "The films were amazing, and what's more we had great pleasure during the communication with priest Isaiah and the active youth of the community.For us film watching was combined withthe warm atmosphere ofspiritual father and the active youth.It gave us unforgettable memories. Hope that next year we will have such display of spiritual films. For me it was the first time that I participated in an open air film display. The films were chosen correctly and the participants were very pleasant. We appreciate film directors and administrators for the display. The members of the community and the youth also watched the films with great enthusiasm and admiration.They also thanked for the organization of film display".

And till the next film camp, within the frames of FRESCO International Film Festival, film displays will be continued in St. Trinity church every Friday at 18:30.

Ani Avetisyan

STYA journalists' club


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