Concerts of various genres: from rock music to classical, from jazz to folk

 Combination of modern art and classical culture "Fresco" brings together an audience of different generation and taste: from rock to classical music, from classical music to folk.


Within the frames of Fresco 2016 concerts of various genres were organized near Haghartsin Complex and Swan Lake. Arsen Grigoryan (Mrro) and “Sasna Tsrer” folk ensemble, “Nubar” folk ensemble, “Alexandrapol Orchestra” rock group.


In the concert-program of Fresco 2015 were included professional artists and groups of various genres loved by an audience of different tastes.  The Choir of Gevorkian Theological Seminary, “Vordan Karmir” rock group, and “Paros” choir of Unison NGO performed during the opening ceremony of festival that was held at Swan Lake. Following 2 festival days and the beginning of film screenings were also announced with concert and "Sasna Tzrer" folk ensemble, Arsen Grigoryan (Mro) and Astghik Kheranyan joined the festival with their wonderful performance. In Closing Ceremony, held at the church yard of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, performed “Nubar” folk ensemble, “Ovsanna” Choir and “Zangakner” ensemble- artistic director Shahe Keshishian. 


Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual-Moral Films represented a thoroughly new format of festivals, and combining modern art and films the beginning of each festival day was announced with a concert. On the concerts performed several artists and groups resenting completely different music genres. Vahe Hayrapetyan and the deaf community of Armenia together presented festival anthem “A big fairy-tale”, music by Yervand Yerznkyan. In the live concert program were also included “Vordan Karmir” rock group, Arsen Grigoryan (Mro), “Nubar” folk ensemble, jazz singer Astghik Kheranyan.

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